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800/1200 Series 5 Rollers Condenser Tube Expanders

800/1200 Series 5 Rollers
Condenser Tube Expanders


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To ensure uniformity in tube wall rolling and correct expansion without compromising on the mechanical integrity and also prevent leakages, Reliable Tube Expanders for Condensers and Heat Exchangers made by Tritorc provide the following advantages:

  • Durable Heat Treated Components.
  • Corrosion resistant plating.
  • Increased Feed Angle.


Metric Imperial
Minimum Tube Outer Diameter Serviced:   15.87 mm   (⅝”) 0.625 Inch  
Maximum Tube Outer Diameter Serviced:    38.1 mm   (1.½”) 1.5 Inch  
Minimum Tube Birmingham Wire Gauge Thickness: 17  
Maximum Tube Birmingham Wire Gauge Thickness:  22  
*Custom Sizes are available as per Customer Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

T-800/1200 Series 5 Rollers Tube Expander Tools

Ideally suited for applications encompassing thin wall tubes. The materials that the tubes can be made from include Titanium, Stainless Steel, Inconel, and other exotic metals with thick tube sheets. The three large rollers ensure that the tool is also well suited for various thick tube sheets.

Parameters such as Tube Sheet thickness, Outer Diameter of Tube (using a BWG Tube thickness chart), Cage length, and Adjustable length are key factors to be known while selecting the tool.

If the tool is utilized as per instructions under Ideal working conditions it may last up to 2000 usage cycles.

T-800/1200 Series-5 Rollers Specification

There are many variations of Tube Expander Tools available, choose your required Tube Expander tool.

Technical Specification
800 Series 1200 Series
27 Expander Models available 8 Expander models available
15 Tube Roll Set Models Compatible with the tube expander models 5 Tube Roll Set Models Compatible with the tube expander models
25 mandrel models are available 9 mandrel models are available
With Roller Length 38.1 mm (1.½”) - Adjustable range is 12.7 mm (½”) to 38.1 mm (1.½”) With Roller length 57.1 mm (2.¼”) - Adjustable range is 31.7 mm (1.¼”) to 57.1 mm (2.¼”) With Roller Length 38.1 mm (1.½”) - Adjustable Range is With Roller Length 57.1 mm (2.¼”) - Adjustable Range is
Standard - 1.½” (38.1 mm) to 4” (101.6 mm) Standard - 2.¼” (57.1 mm) to 1.½” (38.1 mm)
A:- 1.½” (38.1 mm) to 6” (152.4 mm) A:- 2.¼” (57.1 mm) to 8.¾” (222.1 mm)
B:- 1.½” (38.1 mm) to 8” (203.2 mm) B:- 2.¼” (57.1 mm) to 10.¾” (323.6 mm)
800 Series 1200 Series


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