Condenser & Heat Exchanger Tube Expanders

Condensers are a type of vessel or process equipment that lowers the temperature of fluids by swapping heat with other mediums. The modern Condensers usually use water tubes to transfer heat. ...
The tubes in heat exchangers and condensers have relatively thinner walls. The expansion of the tube's walls is carried out to fit them onto the tube sheet holes.
Tritorc provides a wide range of heat exchanger and condenser tube expanders apart from boiler tube expanders.
These tools are used to reduce wall thickness and mould tubes to tube sheets. Tritorc's Tools help this to be done accurately and consistently without damaging the tubes or tube sheets.
The Tube Expanders are manufactured within strenuous dimensional tolerances and are equipped with heat treated components. This is done to achieve optimal metallic grain structure and have corrosion resistant plating ensuring prolonged operation usage.
Condensers, Evaporators, Chillers, Heat exchangers with Thin Tube Walls and Space Restrictions require Customised Tube Expansion Tools and Accessories.
Tritorc also provides the various mandrel sets and Roll sets required to replace worn out components.
We also provide Tube expanders with adjustable ranges and different roll lengths.
Customised tube tools for access challenges in various orientations are provided by Tritorc.
Flaring rolls are integrated with the expanding rolls to make the tool multipurpose

Heat Exchanger and Condenser tubes with varied characteristics are covered in Tritorc's vast portfolio.
- Tube Sheet Thicknesses
- Tube Materials
- Tube Wall Thicknesses
- Inner Diameters

Experience advantageous features such as the following:
- Better Longevity of tube expander tools
- A Prestigious Clientele of Trusting Customers preferring Tritorc Tools
- Tools are supplied Promptly Ex Stock
- Variable Number of Rollers
- Vast range of tubes covered
- Competitively priced
- Customizable Options for Unique Applications and Space/Access Restrictions.
- Functions such as Tube Flaring, Expansion, Rerolling, Beading Covered.
Tritorc's Heat Exchanger Tube Expander tools are compatible with the Tube expansion systems and Drives manufactured by Tritorc.

In a Heat Exchanger and Condenser, the tube is a principal component and they are usually water tube process equipment. Fire Tube Boilers are usually not used. These tubes have several modes of failure due to many important causes:
- Thermal stresses
- Leakages
- Cross contamination with feed water
- Scale deposit build up
- pH level of water

The Tube to tube sheet joints and the tube itself are inspected for leakages. Once no leaks are detected the tube is considered fit to be used in the process equipment.
Insufficient tube expansion is for leakages and it can also be hazardous for the process equipment and the personnel. Thus choosing the right tube expander for the tube is necessary along with the appropriate Heat Exchanger machine. Tritorc offers tube expander machine prices that are industry standard along with the tools and is a renowned heat exchanger manufacturer.
When you ask for a quotation, be assured to receive the best heat exchanger and condenser tube expander tool price from the best Condensers Tube Expanders Manufacturer. You can choose your required condenser tube expander tool from our product brochure.