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Tube/Pipe Bevelling machines - 100mm to 306 mm

Tube/Pipe Bevelling machines
100 mm to 306 mm



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Tubes in Heat Exchangers, Condensers & Boilers require correct weld preparation against tube sheets. Tritorc’s Tube & Pipe Bevelling machines produce a consistent, high-quality bevel in short time with a spark free and safe operation. This ensures that onsite machining can be carried with the transportable machines even in hazardous environments with a high degree of safety. Ability to accept electrical and pneumatic prime drive motors allows onsite versatility.

  • Locking range of tubes for the TFM - 99306 Series: Tube / Pipe Bevelling machines extends from 100 mm to 306 mm Outer Diameter.
  • The machine is compatible with Pneumatic and Electrical drives.
  • The machine has a Feeding Stroke of 50 mm.


Parameter/Specification Pneumatic Drive    Electric Drive
Ideal operating speed (R.P.M.):    35  31 
Torque (Nm):    180    230 
Pneumatic Power (HP):    1.9 N.A. 
Air consumption (cfm):   60 N.A 
Air pressure (psi):  90 N.A 
Electric Power (watts):  N.A 1400 
Weight (Kg):  43.0 44.0 

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Tritorc - Electric Tube Beveling and Facing Machine

Tritorc is light weight and specially designed to suit the most critical applications with restricted access. Ideal for on site pipe facing, bevelling and weld preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tube/Pipe Beveling Machine TFM 99306

Tube/Pipe Beveling Machine TFM 99306

Note: The Dimensional Data relevant to the daigram above is available in the catalogue.

The tool is designed to bevel, face, and prepare weld edges for heavy wall thickness tubes in restricted access areas. Ideal for process equipment servicing in a shutdown environment for Condensers and Heat exchangers and during maintenance operations and new Boiler manufacturing. With Tritorc’s Tools utilized for this purpose, one can overcome and face the following problems:

  • Repeated repairs
  • Cross Contamination
  • Thermal Losses
  • Heat exchangers Damage from alternate repair method
  • Usually the delivery of the Tools and Machinery is completed ex stock.

    1 year of warranty is available on mechanical components for manufacturing defects and the after-sales support is available worldwide*

    Tube/Pipe Bevelling Machines 99306 Specification

    There are many variations of Tube/Pipe Bevelling Machines available, choose your required Bevelling tool.

    Technical Specification - TFM-99306
    Drive Pneumatic Electric
    Locking Range (mm) 100-306 100-306
    Ideal Speed (RPM) 35 30
    Torque (Nm) 180 230
    Feeding Stroke (mm) 50 50
    Pneumatic Power (HP) 1.9 -
    Air Consumption (cfm) 60 -
    Air Pressure (psi) 90 -
    Electric Power (Watt) - 1400
    Weight (kg) 43 44


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