B68 Series Internal Tube Cutter

B68 Series Internal Tube Cutte



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Damaged and Leaky Tubes are a source of productivity losses and can be a safety hazard. These Tubes thus need to be removed. Some Tubes are stubbornly stuck, thus they must be cut on the internal circumference to allow the rest of the tube to be withdrawn from another end. Tritorc’s Internal Tube Cutters ensure rapid tube cutting with manual methods and various electric and pneumatic drive systems.

  • Easy Tool Replacement.
  • Compatibility with other Tritorc Drive Systems.
  • Pilot available with tool for easy insertion.


Metric Imperial
Minimum Outer Diameter of Tubes Serviced by the tool:    15 mm   0.591 Inch 
Maximum Outer Diameter of Tubes Serviced by the tool:    113 mm   4.449 Inches 
Minimum Internal Diameter of Tubes Serviced by the tool:    10 mm 0.394 Inches
Maximum Internal Diameter of Tubes Serviced by the tool:   105 mm 4.134 Inches
Minimum Diameter of Tool:   9.5 mm 0.374 Inches
Maximum Diameter of Tool:  93 mm 3.661 Inches
Minimum Size of Square Drive:  12.7 mm (½”) 0.500 Inches
Maximum Size of Square Drive:  19.05 mm  (¾”) 0.750 Inches
Number of Cutter Models available:  18  
Number of Spare Cutting Bit Models available:  9  
* Customised Sizes are Available on Customer Request

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Frequently Asked Questions

Internal Tube cutter TB68 Series

These tube cutters are available in standard reach of 4” (100 mm). Additional reaches in increments of 4” are available up to 16” (400 mm).

The cutters are ideal for cutter thick walled boiler tubes of 2” Outer Diameter and higher. Piloting steel balls cover the range of the tube I.D. and offer easy replacement and regrinding of toll bit.

Usually, the Tools and Machinery delivery is completed ex stock.

1 year of warranty is available on mechanical components for manufacturing defects and the after-sales support is available worldwide*.