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Master Tugger Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

Master Tugger Hydraulic Tube Pulling System



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The Hydraulic Tube Stub and Tube Pulling /Extraction system named ‘Master Tugger’ made by Tritorc is a reliable, industry proven tool. Damaged and rusty tubes must be removed to make way for new tubes to continue the efficient operation of the heat exchanger, condenser or boiler. Tritorc’s Master Tugger Pump and Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun are the tool pair that can provide the consistent power required for long operational hours.

  • Compatible with Tritorc’s Tube Pulling tools such as Pine jenny style tube pulling tools, etc
  • Preparation work for Tritorc’s Tube Spinner Pneumatic Tube Extraction tool for rapid mass tube removal.
  • Mobile trolley for ease of movement of powerpack platform
  • Hydraulic Tube Pulling Gun can be suspended using Tritorc’s Tool Balancer or Ergonomic Tool Holding System.


Metric Imperial
Number of Power Pack Units Models:     
Number of Tube Pulling Gun Models:    3    
Voltage Control System:    24 V  
Pull Stroke of Tube Pulling Guns:   150 mm 5.90 Inches 
Minimum Outer Diameter of Tubes Serviced:  9.53 mm (⅜”) 0.375 Inches
Maximum Outer Diameter of Tubes Serviced:  101.6 mm 4 Inches
Drives Compatible With Power Pack:  Pneumatic and Electric Drives

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Tritorc - Hydraulic Tube Pulling System

Frequently Asked Questions

Master Tugger

The System is supplied with ¼” X 5 m long Twin Jack Hose, The Maximum working pressure of the pump is 700 Bar.

1 year of warranty is available on mechanical components for manufacturing defects and the after-sales support is available worldwide*

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