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Internal Tube Cutter

Tube removal is a critical part of maintaining and overhauling heat exchanger, condensers or boiler. The old damaged or corroded tubes must be extracted and replaced with a new one. This ensures continuity in operations with efficiency and safety in case of pressure surges. ...
Tritorc offers Internal tube cutters for cutting tubes on the inside diameter. The types of internal tube cutters are as follows:
- Internal Tube Cutter for Heavy Tube Walls - TB 68 Series
- One Turn Tube Cutter for Thin Tube Walls
- Push Type Internal Tube Cutters - TATP Series

Tubes are made of various materials such as the following:
- Copper & Alloys
- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Titanium and other exotic materials for high pressure vessel applications

Heat Exchangers and Condensers on average have tubes with lesser tube wall thickness relative to boilers. Thus, the wall thickness dictates along with the below factors in tool selection:
- Tube Sheet Thicknesses
- Tube Materials
- Inner Diameter

To explain each tool type briefly:
Push type Internal tube cutter: This tool can operate on non ferrous tubes of condensers, heat exchangers with the use of electrical or pneumatic drill machines. The tube cutter has an adjustable thrust collar for configuring the tool according to the cutting length required.
Internal Tube cutter for Thick walled tubes: The tool is ideal for cutting thick walled boiler tubes for larger ID tubes. The Tool can be operated by using electric, pneumatic, hydraulic driving machines.
One Turn Cutter for Thin Walled Tubes: This tool is used for non ferrous and thin walled ferrous tubes. The tool is hand operated with a ratchet manual torque wrench. The tool bit swings the cutter tool out and it pierces the wall and shears the tube along the circumference.

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