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THZ Type Cutter Heads

THZ Type Cutter Heads

Sugar Mill Tube Cleaner


  • THZ TYPE CUTTER HEADS for Tubes/Pipes 1.1/4”-2” (31.7mm - 51.0mm) I.D.
  • These spring loaded, self expanding Cutter Heads are designed for rapid removal of hard and obstinate scale formation in straight tubes as found in Evaporaters, Juice Heaters, etc.
  • It consists of 3 bevel, 4 straight cutter wheels, 4 left cutter wheels and 4 right cutter wheels, fitted on 3 bridge type arms.

Technical Data

Model No. Tube I.D. Cutter Wheels Set(3) Spare Spindle
mm inch Model No. Model No.
THZ-10 31.7 1.1/4 THZSRL-1 THZA-1
THZ-10A 33.3 1.5/16 THZSRL-1 THZA-1
THZ-11 35 1.3/8 THZSRL-1 THZA-1
THZ-11A 36.5 1.7/16 THZSRL-1 THZA-2
THZ-12 38.1 1.1/2 THZSRL-1 THZA-2
THZ-12A 39.7 1.9/16 THZSR-1 THZA-2
THZ-13 41.3 1.5/8 THZSRL-1 THZA-2
THZ-13A 42.9 1.11/16 THZSRL-1 THZA-2
THZ-14 44.5 1.3/4 THZSRL-2 THZA-3
THZ-14A 46 1.13/16 THZSRL-2 THZA-3
THZ-15 47.6 1.7/8 THZSRL-2 THZA-3
THZ-15A 49.2 1.15/16 THZSRL-2 THZA-3
THZ-16 51 2 THZSRL-2 THZA-3
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