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Bolting Tools

Rapid, Precise and Reliable Bolting
The modern bolt is a highly standardized and widely accepted engineering implement. These bolts must sustain several stresses and strains as mechanical members as part of structures and machines. They offer excellent advantages such as a reliable temporary joint with some prudent flexibility that allows it to sustain shocks. All bolts have a proof load beyond which they cannot be loaded or else they shall face plastic deformation. ...
We must appropriate the amount of torque or tensioning force to correctly fasten bolts on the various surfaces depending on the application. A reliable bolting tool can allow the operator to use little effort, and time and remain safe while completing the task.

Tritorc offers Controlled Bolting Solutions in the form of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches with two types of the bolt tightening equipment:
- Square Drives for fitting Impact sockets - TSL Series
- A low profile hydraulic torque wrench (also known as a direct hex drive hydraulic torque wrench or ratchet type) - THL Series
- A special low profile hydraulic torque wrench with a narrow nose radius - THL Series (Ultra slim)

Tritorc also provides other torqueing solutions such as the following bolting products:
-Electrical Torque Wrenches
-Electric Shear Wrenches
-Manual Torque Wrenches (Ratcheting & Non Ratcheting Type)
- Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Tritorc is a worldwide supplier of Hydraulic Wrenches. We are one of the leading Hydraulic torque wrench suppliers in India as well.
Tritorc has integrated its manufacturing abilities under one roof and has installed a plant in the hinterland of industrial Pune in India, making Tritorc a Complete Bolting Tools Manufacturer.
Tritorc is a hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer. We have an internal design house that uses our wealth of experience to innovate the latest design features in our bolting products such as:
- Customized small nose radius customised for critical applications
- High strength alloys used for make durable reaction arms for the hydraulic torque wrenches
- Customized bridges for bolt tensioners

A fine hydraulic torque machine is a definite necessity in the tool kit, especially for maintenance, overhaul and repair teams in the oil & gas sector and various other industrial plants.
These teams use hydraulic bolt tightening machines for bolting on various process equipment, pipeline flanges and machinery foundations.
Tritorc offers hydraulic torque wrench prices that are reasonable. We also deliver the machinery and equipment promptly with warranties for mechanical components up to a year. Consult our engineers for the latest prices for hydraulic torque machines and hydraulic bolt tensioners. We also provide hydraulic torque wrench rentals

We also offer a line of Bolt Tensioners with innovative features such as:
- Auto retract pistons
- Exchangeable bridges
- Optimized for subsea use.
Tritorc’s bolting accessories and power packs are also compatible with our various bolting tools. The other equipment such as hydraulic pumps and hose and spares are all included in the standard scope of supply. Refer to our product brochure to select from an array of industry proven bolt tightening equipment.
Tritorc's Bolting tools also consist of hydraulic tensioners that can access small spaces and provide a high tensioning force. When you ask us for a quotation, be rest assured of the best Hydraulic bolt tensioner price from the best bolting tools manufacturer..
This is in line with our motto no compromises, just better prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bolting Tools

In order to maintain the the integrity of the joint the bolts/studs and other fasteners are to be kept in proper condition, this means that the bolt must be tightened within its denoted yield strength as per the manufacturer. To maintain this, being able to set a certain amount of torque is necessary. This can be ensured with a negligible margin of error by using Controlled Bolting Solutions.

Tritorc’s Tool Assembly plant is located in Sector No. 7, Plot No. A -188, PCNTDA, Bhosari, Pune - 411026

The basic parameters such as the following are necessary:

  • Bolt Size: This is also known as Nominal Bore (NB), Measured in mm or inches
  • Bolt Thread pitch:The thread pitch is the distance between two corresponding points on adjacent threads, measured in mm.
  • Nut A/F:A Hexagonal Nut can be measured across corners or be measured across flat sides, in mm.
  • Inter-Nut Distance:The distance between two bolts/ studs measured from the center of two bolts.
  • Height above the nut: The distance to the closest obstacle above the nut.
  • Minimum and Maximum Torque: (For Torqueing Tools): The Measure of Torque required by the particular bolt and nut as per lubrication, temperature and surrounding conditions such as dust and humidity is required, measured in Nm or Ft.Lbs.
  • Minimum and maximum Tensioning Force: (For Tensioning Tools): The Tensioning force required to stretch the bolt within elastic limit, measured in Kn.
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